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you’re cordially invited to… a jewellery party

Curious what bling the Wereldwinkel has in store? Than try out the jewellery party in Rotterdam! Saturday 12th of February you’re invited at Wereldwinkel Vreewijk. You’ll get advice at what kind of jewellery suits you best and of course have a nice afternoon. Subscribing is possible through emailing to Hope to see you there!


fair trade roses for valentine’s day

It just keeps on getting better! Valentine’s day this year will look a bit green.. ’Cause you don’t just have a shot at free Fair Trade roses, you’ll get a discount. How? Well, when purchasing at least worth of € 10,- at the Wereldwinkel location Heeswijk-Dinther, you’ll receive a coupon. More info? Check out the website. Plus: they’ve got sale!


christmas discount

Want to do some last minute Christmas shopping? Be sure to visit the Wereldwinkel. They’ve got a 25% discount on all the Christmas stuff, from angels to Christmas cards and nativity scenes. Everything except candles and candle holders. Have a look at the website or visit your local store.

my cup of tea

Two days ago I told you about my experience with Luxembourg and my surprise with how green it was. But I’d forgot to tell you that in Luxembourg I put my green resolution to work; form now on I’ll only buy bio or fairtrade tea. So when I was wandering about in Diekirch I found a ‘Weltbuttek’ (known in Holland as ‘De Wereldwinkel), a store where fairtrade and Max Havelaar products are sold. There I bought my first packet of fairtrade tea, some earl grey. Back at home I loved the tea, so it won’t be hard to hold my resolution.

Do you have a green/bio/fairtrade resolution? Inspire me and let me know!

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