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how to re-design a wool dress

Picture your closet. 99% chance that you have one or more piece(s) of clothing you still fit but you don’t like. And maybe you think, like me, it’s a waste to throw it away. Fortunately I have some video’s that will inspire you to customize your clothes. It’s a series of video’s from Thread, an online fashion magazine and information resource promoting eco-fabulous style, and which was part of a BBC Learning campaign running from May to November 2008. I love their website and I’m sorry that it’s no more in use. Anyway, here’s the first video. Hope it can inspire you (as it has me)!


used clothes can be sexy

Sometimes a girls needs to make a fashion statement. And what’s more fun than doing that while being unique? I combined a second hand blouse and trousers with a vintage belt and shoes I already had (you may remember them from my little red dress) and turned it into a classy yet sexy outfit. Hope I can inspire you a little to make unusual combinations and to look further than the usual pieces of clothing. What do you think? Would you wear something similar? Leave a reply.

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