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h&m goes upcycled

Just read some amazing news! H&M has decided to upcycle Lanvin leftovers into new “waste” collection! I thought they were doing fine with the Garden Collection, but this is even better! It’s very exclusive: only one store per country sells the ten piece collection designed by Ann-Sofie Johansson (H&M’s design chief). But don’t worry: it’s also on sale online from early March…

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have your old clothes upcycled!

Do you know how it’s like having something in your closet you don’t wear and want to customize but you don’t have inspiration/skills/time? I know I have some pieces I got form people still hanging in my closet. Luckily there’s a solution: The Hub Shop is hosting an upcycling event this weekend! Just drop your old clothes at the store in Rotterdam and come to the event this weekend!

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