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jeans dead? second life with dead jeans

A while ago I told you about a competition with jeans. Now I’ve found a new way to recycle/upcycle your old jeans: Deadjeans. A company devoted to giving old jeans a second chance. They make pockets for iPhones and BlackBerry’s. how? Well, its simple. Make an order. An envelope will be send to you. Carefully remove both of your back pockets and send them back in the envelope. And voila: for only € 29,95 you’ll have a unique, personal and numbered pocket for your smartphone! Want to be creative yourself? Well, you can try it out.

Recently I’ve been creative with an old jeans of mine. I made a pin cushion. Very fashionable (can jeans ever be out of fashion?) and made to last! And not to mention very sustainable.

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Ooh, you won’t miss me like the hole in the jeans


and the nominees are…

A few weeks ago I told you about the Recycled Denim Challenge. Well, the entry has closed and the finalsist are on line. Here’s my top three.

If you want to support these (and other) initiatives, go to the website and vote!

ooh, won’t you miss me like a hole in the jeans

Last weekend I visited my mum. I turned around to get something when she said: ‘Do you know you’ve got a hole in your jeans?’ I new my jeans were starting to become thing on the hem on my inner thigh, but them my mum said: ‘There’s a hole on you bum.’

Sounds familiar? So many times you have jeans that have a hole but on the hole are still good. Well, just found a solution. 🙂 I came across a very original contest. Gap’s organising a contest for originals who reincarnate their jeans. And the winning design will be featured on Ecouterre, Inhabitat, and the Gap 1969 Stream. And the $200 Gap gift certificate you can win doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Enter the recycled denim challenge

Oh, and you have ’till the 20th. Good luck!

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