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the consious collection at hennez and maurits

Just read some amazing news: H&M is putting out a second sustainable line. The Conscious Collection is all about romantic blouses, tunics, suits and lingerie. From April 14th this line is available at every store.


video tgfc

I have an update.. I’ve found a video about the Green Fashion Competition. For those who don’t understand Dutch, here’s a quick recap.

It goes backstage with the winner, Elsien Gringhuis. She tells about how difficult it is to find sustainable fabrics. For instance: the lining unfortunately isn’t ‘green’. Furthermore one of the contestants tells how she uses silver in her designs. Silver? Yes you’ve read it correctly. The silver keeps the bacteria’s away so you don’t have to was it that often.

Just have a look at for the feeling of the designs. You’ll see a bit more of what they made and how elegant sustainable clothing can be!

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elsien gringhuis wins tgfc at aifw

I’ve been biting my nails ’till I heard the news: the winner and runner-up of The Green Fashion Competition are Elsien Gringhuis and OAT. Love the flowy jumpsuit, really a musthave (and perfectly styled!). You can see the designs at the Nukuhiva store starting tomorrow.

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Renowned fashion journalist and judge of the competition, Georgette Koning: “Elsien Gringhuis is modern and contemporary, she has great technical skills and paints a very feminine and beautiful picture. She has managed to create a signature style in a very short period of time”

Pics by the fab Peter Stigter

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finalists green fashion competition

One day you hear nothing and the next you’re flooded with juicy news. And boy, have I news for you! With the first ceremony, the eight finalists for ‘The Green Fashion Competition’ are known: Bright Young Things, Elsien Gringhuis, Farrow & Tan, Gomes Esser Design, NÔN BY KIM, OAT, Viral and Winde Rienstra. They’ve been handed a cheque of € 1.250 to make their finale outfits they’re showing on AIFW (Amsterdam International Fashion Week) in January. And there’s a lot at stake: € 25.000 for the winner, € 15.000 for the runner up and most importantly: a feature in Sublime Magazine. Stay tuned!

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lips like a mermaid

Once upon a time I thought being green wasn’t easy. My only resources where second hand stores and ‘De Wereldwinkel’, a store where you can buy Fairtrade gifts, foods and clothes. But I found out there’s so much more. Viva la internet!

Just came across a lip balm that’s to die for! It’s a 100 % naturally lip balm in a gorgeous sea shell (also natural). It comes in tree sizes: small (4 cm), medium (6 cm) and large (7 cm). And the last two also have a little mirror. How cute! A perfect gift (also for yourself 😉 ). Want more info? Check out the video or go to the website of Organic Island. The prizes vary so also check out this Dutch website. Like it?

My only concern is that it’s from Australia, which means that it’s from far (and therefore not very environment friendly). So my advice is to think twice before ordering. I myself will ask a friend of mine whose traveling Down Under. Follow my example and think before you buy!

the green fashion competition

A month ago I told you guys about The Green Fashion Competition. For everybody who’s been interested but who’s afraid they won’t make September 13th I have good news: the deadline has been delayed to the 30th of September. Want to know more? Check out my post named ‘€ 25,000 for your idea’ and enroll!

fairtrade restaurant week

Everyone likes going out, whether it’s having a bite or dancing the night away. But it’s not easy doing it ecoglam. But that’s about to change, because from 25th until 31st October the Max Havelaar foundation and ‘Puur!’ (a culinary sustainable guide) organise the Fairtrade Rastaurant Week 2010.

Want to be part of this? Go to the website to check out the restaurants and select your spot. Then contact the restaurant and ask about their Fairtrade menu. Make a reservation and Bob’s your uncle. It’s that simple!

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