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more wishes

Window shopping should be on top of my list of favourites things to do. I love making whish lists (of which you already have seen a preview). But every day is a new day with the most wonderful things for a (window) shopaholic. So I’ve rounded up some of my latest wishes ;(

Shoes must be on top of my list. I’ve got some shoes unwalkable and my boyfriend sighs every time he walks by my small collection. But you can’t have enough of a hbh (high black heel), can you? These are by Brain Atwood and they’re going for $280.00. Look here if you’re the Cinderella for this jaw dropping slipper in size 9 (39-40). 

One of the things I’m desperately after is a jumpsuit. Some time ago I’ve told you about my mum’s red jumpsuit I so desperately wanted, but last time I saw her se told me she’d trown it away! ;( So I’m looking for a replacement. Hopefully I’ll find something less expensive, ’cause at $150.00 this size 6 (M) jumpsuit by AKA New York is a little bit out of my leage…

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i wish


i wish…

Remeber me telling you guys about a way to shop in celeb closets? Well, I’ve found some amazing items (though still unaffordable). Look and get inspired 😀

How about there amazing Louboutins? They look classy and can prep up any outfit. It’s from one of the editors of the site, so a bit disappointing, but still… These heels are to die for! Retail price is $532,- but they’re going for $ 300,-. A bargain, eh? (And curious? Take a look on the page and good luck!)

And if you’re not so keen on heels, check out these ballet flats.  They’re Guiseppe Zanotti’s and for $ 375,- (retail $ 680,-) they’re yours. My fingers are tingling above my keyboard. Yours? (You can buy them here)

Finally I found these wonderfull jeans. Unfortunately I’m no size xs (not nearly) but if any of you is, don’t hesitate. For only $ 89,- these jeans worth $ 224,- can be yours.

Hope you’re convinced that it’s a cool site! Hope that some Dutch famous people will join soon! (Or else it will still be expensive because of shipping)

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‘shop in celeb closets for cheap’!

‘shop in celeb closets for cheap’!

Just when you thinks there’s no news you stumble upon the most fab novelty! Read something on Twitter about having the chance to ‘shop in celebrity closets for cheap’. What more can you wish for? It’s eBay meets swopping and allows you to buy designer for way less. All you need do is request a membership (or find someone who’s already a member to invite you) and let the shopping begin. Also fun for inspiration.. I’m on the waiting list so I’m curious… Are you a member? Let us know your experience!

My personal favorites? A red Hervé Leger dress and black Louboutins..

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