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the consious collection at hennez and maurits

Just read some amazing news: H&M is putting out a second sustainable line. The Conscious Collection is all about romantic blouses, tunics, suits and lingerie. From April 14th this line is available at every store.

h&m goes upcycled

Just read some amazing news! H&M has decided to upcycle Lanvin leftovers into new “waste” collection! I thought they were doing fine with the Garden Collection, but this is even better! It’s very exclusive: only one store per country sells the ten piece collection designed by Ann-Sofie Johansson (H&M’s design chief). But don’t worry: it’s also on sale online from early March…

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cheap vintage

I’ve told you guys sometimes now how I adore the iElla initiative. But close to home (for me) is another way of getting my dose of vintage. On the Dutch website of Glamour there’s a place where you can exchange your fashion faux and make others happy with your ‘trash’. And to show you that style needn’t be expensive, a line-up of my favourite items:

My first love is and will be heels. And I fell head over heels for these purple leather gladiator highsies from Zara. And for an astounding € 12,50 they’re yours!

Want a cute dress to make a statement? Well, with this red dress you will stand out. It’s from H&M (for only € 20,-) and will make you long for summer nights on the beach.

A great example of great style for almost no money is this navy inspired mini dress. Add killer legs and for € 7,- you have the recipe for a trendy outfit. Not blessed with ever ongoing legs? Cheat with pumps. These black and white heels match perfectly and for € 47,- in total you will have an outfit.

Well I hope you found these tips inspiring. Want to see something in another style? Don’t hestitate to make suggestions!

shop green in your favourite store

I’ve talked about sustainable clothes a lot. But sometimes you don’t want to leave the high street to get your doses of fashion. Fortunately regular stores also have a sustainable line. To be sure your favourite shop is also into green fashion, here’s a list with the labels to look out for.

The all Dutch shop HEMA has its own line called Naturally HEMA. It features clothing made of organic cotton, bamboo or clothes made with an organic process, coffee and tea with Rainforest Alliance Certificate and Fair Trade mark. And it also has gifts made by special projects; the products of Return to Sender are made by people who don’t have much chances in live and the money it makes goes directly back to the makers.

C&A has clothes made with bio cotton. I know I have a cute grey tee with a little print. And just yesterday I saw an ad on the TV telling us that they have both shirts and jeans. How nice! C&A aims to increase what they have to offer of bio clothes.

H&M recently came out with their Garden Collection. I wasn’t so fortunate to score the dress I loved at first sight. That collection was totally made out of organic wool/linen, recycled wool/cotton/polyester/polyamide and tencel. Also they always provide you with some nice bio cotton products. Hopefully the Garden Collection will have a return!

Hope I’ve made green shopping a little bit easier. I’m sure I’ve missed a couple of things, so be sure to let me know where you do your green shopping!

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