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a new way to hang up my coat

The little string I use to hang my coat on a coat rack broke. Very unhandy. Fortunately I put away some strings I’ve cut out of clothes, so I braided two beige and a black string into a new hang-up-string (I don’t now the right word for it :$). Very simple, but useful (because I used strings I otherwise would have thrown away) and eco-friendly (because I re-used the strings). Have you ever re-used materials from old clothes etc? Let me now and leave a reply!


and after.


how to re-design a wool dress

Picture your closet. 99% chance that you have one or more piece(s) of clothing you still fit but you don’t like. And maybe you think, like me, it’s a waste to throw it away. Fortunately I have some video’s that will inspire you to customize your clothes. It’s a series of video’s from Thread, an online fashion magazine and information resource promoting eco-fabulous style, and which was part of a BBC Learning campaign running from May to November 2008. I love their website and I’m sorry that it’s no more in use. Anyway, here’s the first video. Hope it can inspire you (as it has me)!

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