I’ve got a new series of DIY. This time it’s all about re-using things you normally trow away. This first episode is about tapes. Alas, the world is changing and taping your favorite Madonna tracks are history. But don’t fear, you can re-use them! How? Here are a few tips.

Erika Iris Simmons, aka iri5, makes gorgeous portraits out of old. They’re very precise and an eye catcher in every music lovers home.

Pimp up your closet
I’m proud to let you see that we Dutch people are very creative. Designer Patrick Schuur used his screwer to decorate his drawer with old tapes. Maybe an idea if you have loads of time? I think it’s rather cool, very nice to see in a clean room.

Festival wallet
If you’re going to, let’s say, Glastonbury, you want to take everything with you without carrying a huge bag. And of course you always want to stay in style. With this purse you won’t need to use your bra or wellies as your wallet. Feeling crafty? You can find the ins and outs on this website or, if you’re a bit lazy, buy one here.

One of a kind necklace
You might have noticed it: tapes are hot on necklaces. I’ve seen golden tapes hanging on chains at H&M, so it HAS TO BE hot. And sure you’ll be more in fashion with Run DMC than with the soundtrack of The Bodyguard, but you’ll make a statement anyway. Interested? Check out this video to see how to make your own diy tape necklace.