I’ve always had an appetite for sweets. Whether it’s chocolate, cookies or cake: if it’s in the fridge, it won’t be in an hour. That’s why I’m so excited that more and more brand are choosing fair trade ingredients. For instance: almost all the chocolate letters (given in the Netherlands to children during the Sinterklaas holiday) are nowadays fair trade! And Verkade only sells fair trade chocolate bars.

And now there’s a place where every cake you buy is good! It’s the cake shop ‘Taartenatelier’ (Cake workshop place) in Zutphen. It’s a business from bread baker Henk Smit, who also owns bakery ‘Driekant’. All the cakes are organic and fresly made just as you look at it! All the products are made with natural ingredients. For instance, it contains less sugar and natural sweeteners. It also has fair trade chocolates, organic marzipan and ice cream. But the baker doesn’t just look at what’s in it. The people who make it are also important. Ex-addicts, ex-psychiatric patients and people with a handicap have a work space in the cake shop. So not only ‘planet’, but also ‘people’. Nice to read, isn’t it?