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the consious collection at hennez and maurits

Just read some amazing news: H&M is putting out a second sustainable line. The Conscious Collection is all about romantic blouses, tunics, suits and lingerie. From April 14th this line is available at every store.


video tgfc

I have an update.. I’ve found a video about the Green Fashion Competition. For those who don’t understand Dutch, here’s a quick recap.

It goes backstage with the winner, Elsien Gringhuis. She tells about how difficult it is to find sustainable fabrics. For instance: the lining unfortunately isn’t ‘green’. Furthermore one of the contestants tells how she uses silver in her designs. Silver? Yes you’ve read it correctly. The silver keeps the bacteria’s away so you don’t have to was it that often.

Just have a look at for the feeling of the designs. You’ll see a bit more of what they made and how elegant sustainable clothing can be!

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elsien gringhuis wins tgfc at aifw

I’ve been biting my nails ’till I heard the news: the winner and runner-up of The Green Fashion Competition are Elsien Gringhuis and OAT. Love the flowy jumpsuit, really a musthave (and perfectly styled!). You can see the designs at the Nukuhiva store starting tomorrow.

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Renowned fashion journalist and judge of the competition, Georgette Koning: “Elsien Gringhuis is modern and contemporary, she has great technical skills and paints a very feminine and beautiful picture. She has managed to create a signature style in a very short period of time”

Pics by the fab Peter Stigter

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sustainable tv

Are you a Dutchy? Want to stay up to date with the news concerning sustainability? Than keep ‘Doe maar duurzaam’ in your mind. This is a website from the networks NCRV and Llink. Click on ‘Uitzendingen’ and there are all the TV clips broadcasted on the public service broadcasters, ranging from cooking to news reports.

vintage fashion finds

I’ve made it a habit to check the website of Dutch Glamour every once in a while. Not because I want to stay up to date, but because they have a Detox Store. It’s like eBay in small and only with clothes and accessories. And now they’ve got some pretty items..

Check out this jumpsuit. I’ve been looking for one for ages and I think I like this a lot. If there were a fitting room I’d check it right away! For € 40,- it’s yours.

dress is very romantic. Pare it up with brown leather boots or ballerina’s as you like. At € 15,- it’s a bargain.

Look at this party dress! Ain’t that a killer? It’s a silk Zara dress made for a cocktail party. And € 25,- don’t hurt. If only a where a size M…

To complete your look, you need shoes. And by that I mean some killer heels. For example: these jewels. They go very well with the second dress.

Hope you’ve found it inspiring! Check out the website every once in a while and be surprised!

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my vintage finds part two

A few months ago I shared with you my vintage closet. Now I wanted to show you that vintage and fair trade are very nice when it comes to accessories. Here I’ve got a selection of my jewellery case. Be inspired!

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juice those extra pounds away!

Hi you guys. Been looking for some good news for you and boy do I have some! I’ve found giveaways you’ll like.

Everyone has good years resolutions. Mine are exercising more and many others. But getting back in shape was never so easy! With the juice treatments of ‘Sapmeesters’ (Juice masters) you can detox and lose a bit weight. For everybody and every aim there’s a treatment. And you can win a three day treatment, including juices, health shots and high quality food supplements! Just email your personal information to this address. All the juices are fresh and mostly made local, organic, in the season ingredients and in sustainable packages. For more info, check out their website.

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