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green auction at christie’s and runway to green

Not so long ago a great event was held in New York: A bid to save the earth. By both a green auction and the Runway to green $ 1.4 million was raised for causes looking after the earth. Designers each made an outfit that’s sustainable and they were not the least. Rachel Roy and Michael Kors are just a few names. Want to know what happened? Check out this video from Ecouterre at the red carpet of Runway to green:

And curious about all the designs? Check out the photo’s from Runway to green.

Source: Ecouterre


video tgfc

I have an update.. I’ve found a video about the Green Fashion Competition. For those who don’t understand Dutch, here’s a quick recap.

It goes backstage with the winner, Elsien Gringhuis. She tells about how difficult it is to find sustainable fabrics. For instance: the lining unfortunately isn’t ‘green’. Furthermore one of the contestants tells how she uses silver in her designs. Silver? Yes you’ve read it correctly. The silver keeps the bacteria’s away so you don’t have to was it that often.

Just have a look at for the feeling of the designs. You’ll see a bit more of what they made and how elegant sustainable clothing can be!

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sustainable tv

Are you a Dutchy? Want to stay up to date with the news concerning sustainability? Than keep ‘Doe maar duurzaam’ in your mind. This is a website from the networks NCRV and Llink. Click on ‘Uitzendingen’ and there are all the TV clips broadcasted on the public service broadcasters, ranging from cooking to news reports.

my fav celebs go green

I know everybody has a fascination for celebs. I’ve admired some women for ages because of their style. And now I have some new rolemodels who definately are gorgeously green! I’ll start with Alyssa Milano. This long time veggie got the most lovely present from her hubbie for their 1 year anniversary: an organic roof top vergetable garden. From now on she’ll be eating prganic salads. “It’s our responsibility to make the changes that we need to make,” says Milano, “regardless of convenience.”  Want to keep up with celeb eco news? Check out this website.

And now one of the ‘new kids’ is devoted to fairtrade: Emma Watson. This former witch endorses a clothes collection at People Tree that’s Fair Trade. Want to know more? Take a look at how it al started or shop the collection. Want to see her in action in Bangladesh? Take a look at this video:

sustainable fashion report ep. 1

I’ve found a very inspiring video and it’s all about ethical fashion. As you all know London’s very hot and very edgy. This video is about how ethical fashion is developing in the UK. Take a look and tell me what you think you can to to get more ethical fashion in the stores. You can watch it here.

one week without impact

This week the Fair Trade Week has begun. Now it’s the time to change your ‘normal’ chocolate, tea and bananas for something more conscious.

But that’s not all that’s going on concerning sustainability. November 11th it’s the Day for Sustainability and there’s a fun and simple way to get closer to going green. 7th ’til 14th November it’s the Dutch No Impact Week. Every day there’s a challenge helping you greening your lifestyle. You can enrol here. Not a cheese loving, wooden clogs waring Dutchie? Then check out this link to find more info.

green shopping on sale!

Just checked out Twitter and found out it’s sale time! So sit back and shop your new wardrobe 🙂

First things first: outfits. I found the most amazing dress for only € 25,-. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to stuff our closet again but I’m sure a can make some space for this killer. It’s from bio cotton and jersey. Don’t you love it? You can buy it on the website from Wat Mooi

But an outfit ain’t complete without some lovely shoes. And luckily this website offers vegan shoes and it has sale! And all the red shoes are 10% off! And to get inspired, check out Stella McCartney’s shoe line:

To make your outfit complete you need some jewels. At Fairtrade Original I found an amazing bracelet from India. It looks very oriental and very luxurious. And though it’s not on sale, it’s only € 4,95!

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