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first german all vegan super market opens

Vegans living in Germany have a new place to shop: the first all vegan super market Vegan Wonderland, based in Dortmund. With soy milk instead of ‘regular’ cow milk, vegan pizza’s, salami and animal food this will serve the 600.000 vegans in Germany who don’t eat meat, eggs, dairy and honey.

web shop

But not only the inhabitants of Dortmund can shop all vegan. With the web shop owner Kim Kalkowski serves all Germany cereal, bakery, deserts and many more.

Sources: Levensmiddelenkrant, Vegan Wonderland


win organic champagne

Want to start the new year good! Well, now you can pop it green! More and more organic champagnes and wines are coming, how ecofab! And now you have a shot at winning an organic white or (very chic) rosé champie by just going to this website. No free bubblies for you? You’ll get a 15% discount by going to the website of Biologische Wijnwinkel (Organic wine store). They have sparkly wines from € 7,59 for a prosecco. How amazing!


Oh I got so hungry! Wanna know why? Just read about an sustainable/organic chocolate store with a broad range of chocolates, bonbons and truffles. They’ve just opened a store in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat in Amsterdam (at the 9 streets area) ánd they have a web shop.

Hungry? Have a look and get seduced! I know what my route is next time I’m in Amsterdam…


Do you know what date it is tomorrow? Well duh, it’s October 21st. but that’s not what I meant. Tomorrow’s the kick off of the Fairtrade week and it’s Fair-wissel. Everybody is called upon to switch something they use (daily) and buy something Fairtrade.  And on the website you van keep track of everything you’ve switched! For instance: I can’t survive without my chocolate sprinkles, so I’ll be heading towards my store and but some by Max Havelaar. Will you join this initiative? Let me know what you’ll switch!

Oh, and 25th ’til 30th Octobre loads of shops will offer a discount on Fairtrade products. And it’s also Fairtrade Restaurant Week. Have fun shopping and eating!

world cup depression? eat it away!

The Dutch Fairtrade organisation has the ideal solution for the after World Cup depression: The “WEEK NA pakket” (translated as the week after box). Is a box filled with South African products the Fairtrade organisation has: apple juice, chardonnay white wine, rooibos tea, curry sauce from the Cape, peppermix and tomato cutney sauce.

Want to order? Go to this website and fill in the form. You can also visit the Fairtrade website for more info and products.

lidl going green

Green is hot. I see it more and more in the papers, magazines etc. But still green/bio is expensive. I’m just a student so I can’t afford shopping just at the bio shops en. That’s why I was very surprised when I was shopping at Lidl. There I saw Fairglobe, a Fairtrade line of food containing banana’s, coffee pads, sugar, chocolate… The usuals. But still I didn´t expect it at a store I considered cheap.
Checking out the website I also read they only use pork from pigs who aren´t castrated, they stopped selling eel because of the shrinking population and also offer MSC certified fish (so you know your fish is sustainable),and that they introduced their own bio line.
So even if you don’t want to pay a fortune, you still can be eco-conscious.

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