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shop green in amsterdam

I know it’s not very ecofriendly, but if you have to, do it good: shopping. And now I’ve got a preview of the Ecoguide to Amsterdam. Interested? Order it at the website or take a look here. The guide is € 14,95 and is also on sale at book shops. It includes a map for those who don’t know their way in Amsterdam.

get green holiday gifts

I know, it’s been way to long since I’ve written you an update of my ecofab life. I’ve been busy writing my thesis so that in the future I can bring you more info. And doing research makes you find amazing things. Now I’ve found some holiday gift shopping inspiration. And it’s all sustainable! Maybe a bit expensive, but really inspiring. I know I’ll be heading to my favourite spots to do my holiday’s shopping. Want to get inspired? Read the COCO ECO red hot & green holiday gift guide.


Oh I got so hungry! Wanna know why? Just read about an sustainable/organic chocolate store with a broad range of chocolates, bonbons and truffles. They’ve just opened a store in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat in Amsterdam (at the 9 streets area) ánd they have a web shop.

Hungry? Have a look and get seduced! I know what my route is next time I’m in Amsterdam…

new address

I just love it when I discover new great initiatives. Just I month ago I stumbled upon a free store run by squatters in Breda. Everything was second hand and ‘buyers’ are free to take what they want. A donation is appreciated but not required.

And now I’ve got a reason to visit Maastricht. This is a lovely town which already enjoyed while visiting the Christmas market. And now I’ve learned about Concept Green (situated at the Rechtstraat). It’s a small concept store combining new and vintage fashion with a positive message and affordable prices. All the brands have in common that they make the world a ‘nicer, better and happier and more positive place’. Next to fashion you can also shop for books and gifts.

I know I’ll put this address in my address book. Do you know this store? Been there? Share your experience!

perfect christmas gifts

The new collection of Return to Sender is now available at HEMA. I saw some pics and already I adore the little baby slipper from Nepal. Maybe I’ll make them a Christmas gift for my little niece.

Want to see more? Visit HEMA’s website and have fun shopping!

cheap vintage

I’ve told you guys sometimes now how I adore the iElla initiative. But close to home (for me) is another way of getting my dose of vintage. On the Dutch website of Glamour there’s a place where you can exchange your fashion faux and make others happy with your ‘trash’. And to show you that style needn’t be expensive, a line-up of my favourite items:

My first love is and will be heels. And I fell head over heels for these purple leather gladiator highsies from Zara. And for an astounding € 12,50 they’re yours!

Want a cute dress to make a statement? Well, with this red dress you will stand out. It’s from H&M (for only € 20,-) and will make you long for summer nights on the beach.

A great example of great style for almost no money is this navy inspired mini dress. Add killer legs and for € 7,- you have the recipe for a trendy outfit. Not blessed with ever ongoing legs? Cheat with pumps. These black and white heels match perfectly and for € 47,- in total you will have an outfit.

Well I hope you found these tips inspiring. Want to see something in another style? Don’t hestitate to make suggestions!

more wishes

Window shopping should be on top of my list of favourites things to do. I love making whish lists (of which you already have seen a preview). But every day is a new day with the most wonderful things for a (window) shopaholic. So I’ve rounded up some of my latest wishes ;(

Shoes must be on top of my list. I’ve got some shoes unwalkable and my boyfriend sighs every time he walks by my small collection. But you can’t have enough of a hbh (high black heel), can you? These are by Brain Atwood and they’re going for $280.00. Look here if you’re the Cinderella for this jaw dropping slipper in size 9 (39-40). 

One of the things I’m desperately after is a jumpsuit. Some time ago I’ve told you about my mum’s red jumpsuit I so desperately wanted, but last time I saw her se told me she’d trown it away! ;( So I’m looking for a replacement. Hopefully I’ll find something less expensive, ’cause at $150.00 this size 6 (M) jumpsuit by AKA New York is a little bit out of my leage…

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