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shop green in amsterdam

I know it’s not very ecofriendly, but if you have to, do it good: shopping. And now I’ve got a preview of the Ecoguide to Amsterdam. Interested? Order it at the website or take a look here. The guide is € 14,95 and is also on sale at book shops. It includes a map for those who don’t know their way in Amsterdam.


get green holiday gifts

I know, it’s been way to long since I’ve written you an update of my ecofab life. I’ve been busy writing my thesis so that in the future I can bring you more info. And doing research makes you find amazing things. Now I’ve found some holiday gift shopping inspiration. And it’s all sustainable! Maybe a bit expensive, but really inspiring. I know I’ll be heading to my favourite spots to do my holiday’s shopping. Want to get inspired? Read the COCO ECO red hot & green holiday gift guide.

l’offieciel nl goes green!

Again I found myself surprised with a magazine. To enjoy the splendid weather I bought the latest l’officiel nl. Looking on the cover I read ‘Eco warriors’. It caught my eye. 10 pages about the newest people who care about the future. And also 6 pages on eco tourism, including some of the hottest spots. It was inspiring.

I also remember an issue of the Dutch Glamour featuring some green articles. Hope more magazines will follow this trend and that a Dutch green mag will soon appear!


I just love magazines. Evertime I’m at a train station and I have some spare time, I take a look at the magazinestores. Being a woman I have a few fovorites so I have my special route. This time I had a surprise. I found Green.2, a Dutch magazine for concious people. I was very enthousiastic and so I bought the mag. Sitting in the train I looked trought the booklet. It was impressingly thick. My first impression was a female Quest or something, very cleen and serious. The articles were interesting but I was a little bit disapponted. It had my intereste for sure, but I was looking for a glossy eco-friendly mag. Sometimes I found it a bit too idealistic and optimistic. On the whole I was plesently suprised. I’m sure I’m taking a second (and third) look at it!!

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