No doubt you’ve been aware of my passion for second hand stores and charity shops. I think it’s the best place to buy vintage without paying the vintage price. But that’s not all. I also have a small record collection (yes, actual vinyl) varying from Saturday Night Fever to Simon and Garfunkel and from Abba to Doe Maar, a Dutch band, I’ve found solely in ‘Kringloopwinkels’ (recycling stores). But just a few days ago I came across a CD full of James Bond songs and it just happens to be so that I love the old grandeur of Shirley Basseys voice.
And to prove that those shops are not filled with ‘old stuff’ I found a CD of Mary Poppins (just out in Dutch theatres) and MC Hammer pants (unfortunately trendy in Holland). And yes, it might be difficult finding a treasure amongst someone else’s ‘trash’, but if you have a goal (such as a jacket) it’s not very hard to find something that suits you. My goal is to find something camel (a trend I saw at Chloé and loved instantly). So just keep on looking and let me know what you’ve found!