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first german all vegan super market opens

Vegans living in Germany have a new place to shop: the first all vegan super market Vegan Wonderland, based in Dortmund. With soy milk instead of ‘regular’ cow milk, vegan pizza’s, salami and animal food this will serve the 600.000 vegans in Germany who don’t eat meat, eggs, dairy and honey.

web shop

But not only the inhabitants of Dortmund can shop all vegan. With the web shop owner Kim Kalkowski serves all Germany cereal, bakery, deserts and many more.

Sources: Levensmiddelenkrant, Vegan Wonderland


organic cake shop for sweet teeth

I’ve always had an appetite for sweets. Whether it’s chocolate, cookies or cake: if it’s in the fridge, it won’t be in an hour. That’s why I’m so excited that more and more brand are choosing fair trade ingredients. For instance: almost all the chocolate letters (given in the Netherlands to children during the Sinterklaas holiday) are nowadays fair trade! And Verkade only sells fair trade chocolate bars.

And now there’s a place where every cake you buy is good! It’s the cake shop ‘Taartenatelier’ (Cake workshop place) in Zutphen. It’s a business from bread baker Henk Smit, who also owns bakery ‘Driekant’. All the cakes are organic and fresly made just as you look at it! All the products are made with natural ingredients. For instance, it contains less sugar and natural sweeteners. It also has fair trade chocolates, organic marzipan and ice cream. But the baker doesn’t just look at what’s in it. The people who make it are also important. Ex-addicts, ex-psychiatric patients and people with a handicap have a work space in the cake shop. So not only ‘planet’, but also ‘people’. Nice to read, isn’t it?

juice those extra pounds away!

Hi you guys. Been looking for some good news for you and boy do I have some! I’ve found giveaways you’ll like.

Everyone has good years resolutions. Mine are exercising more and many others. But getting back in shape was never so easy! With the juice treatments of ‘Sapmeesters’ (Juice masters) you can detox and lose a bit weight. For everybody and every aim there’s a treatment. And you can win a three day treatment, including juices, health shots and high quality food supplements! Just email your personal information to this address. All the juices are fresh and mostly made local, organic, in the season ingredients and in sustainable packages. For more info, check out their website.

mail and win kneipp gift set!

First and foremost a very happy, healthy and green new year! Hope you enjoyed the festivities and are ready to make the new year a bit better. I know I am. And with the Kneipp products you can win, you can certainly start the new year clean and relaxed! This new line with hemp and patchouli makes you relive the seventies. And you have a shot at a set of shower crème, bath oil, bath foam, body lotion and massage oil. All you have to do is send your personal info to Let’s start the year relaxed!

i’m dreaming of a green christmas

I just told you guys how to welcome the new year in a very good way, but let’s not forget that it’s almost Christmas! Over here it’s pretty white, so lets hope we’ll have a white Christmas!

Well, everyone knows that the pate isn’t always that animal friendly, but there are other ways to have a clean Christmas dinner. It’s not difficult to make a beautiful meal with low environment impact. Just watch these tips and have a look at an examplary menu:

1. Choose less animal products
Producing meat and other animal products costs a lot more energy than vegetables. Chicken’s meat has the least amount. And eating less meat isn’t too bad for your health.

2. Stop wasting food
Don’t buy things that expire to easy. Don’t cook more than you need. Have a closer look at what you’ve got in store. With al these things you won’t waste food, which will have effect on the environment and isn’t very considerate with people who aren’t so fortunate.

3. Buy less products brought to you by plane
When you buy local food, it will cost a fraction of the energy compared to food grown in Morocco or so.

4. Buy less fruits and vegetables grown in hot houses.
Vegetables grown in hot houses, such as tomatoes and courgette cost a lot of energy. It’s better to buy seasonable fruits and vegetables. Want to now what’s in season? Check out the (Dutch) season’s fruit and vegetables calender.

Famous Dutch chef Pierre Wind made a ‘green’ Christmas menu you can use as an example:

Starter (film)
Bread sticks with oil and grapefruit juice
Flower pot with potato celeriac salad, a layer of tomato cubes and basil, and rosemary
Stuffed pineapple
Chicory salad with toast

Main course (film)
Vegetable bouillon with sticks of vegetable
Red union compote
Pumpkin slices marinated with truffle oil and scraped cauliflower

Desert (film)
Liquorice fondue with apple and banana srewers


Oh I got so hungry! Wanna know why? Just read about an sustainable/organic chocolate store with a broad range of chocolates, bonbons and truffles. They’ve just opened a store in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat in Amsterdam (at the 9 streets area) ánd they have a web shop.

Hungry? Have a look and get seduced! I know what my route is next time I’m in Amsterdam…

one week without impact

This week the Fair Trade Week has begun. Now it’s the time to change your ‘normal’ chocolate, tea and bananas for something more conscious.

But that’s not all that’s going on concerning sustainability. November 11th it’s the Day for Sustainability and there’s a fun and simple way to get closer to going green. 7th ’til 14th November it’s the Dutch No Impact Week. Every day there’s a challenge helping you greening your lifestyle. You can enrol here. Not a cheese loving, wooden clogs waring Dutchie? Then check out this link to find more info.

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