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green auction at christie’s and runway to green

Not so long ago a great event was held in New York: A bid to save the earth. By both a green auction and the Runway to green $ 1.4 million was raised for causes looking after the earth. Designers each made an outfit that’s sustainable and they were not the least. Rachel Roy and Michael Kors are just a few names. Want to know what happened? Check out this video from Ecouterre at the red carpet of Runway to green:

And curious about all the designs? Check out the photo’s from Runway to green.

Source: Ecouterre

circle of clothes

It’s been over a week since I last posted something.. :$ But know I’m full of ideas. But first I have to make a confession. My closet has welcomes some new things. Wel, not really ‘new’. As I wrote earlier I was at the Little Green Dress party at the Hub Shop and conquered two nice dresses. One that’s perfect for the chilly spring and autumn days: a wrap dress à la Diane von Furstenberg. And I also got a nice summer dress that’s perfect for the beach.

And I also felt lucky with a dress I found at a shop in Landsmeer. It’s a cute little dress like one from Dutch soapie Lieke van Lexmond. I paired it up with a little belt I bought at a ‘kringloop’ store.

Finally I found a cute summer dress that I’d like to wear to a summer wedding. I found it at a ‘kringloop’ store. It had a stain at the hem so I shortened it a bit.

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Before you say I’m a shop-a-holic (which I sort of am): I’ve also cleaned out my closet. These item’s I will sell, give to the ‘kringloop’ store or use at another Little Green Dress party. Even my boyfriend picked some of his own clothes he doesn’t use anyway and he’s donated some DVD’s. A good way to keep up the cycle of things around the house, right?

oscar dresses for charity

Actrices donate their Oscar dresses to charity. The foundation “Clohes of our back”, run by movie stars Jane Kaczmarek en Bradley Whitford, enables auctions of dresses of celebs. The dress Keira Knighley wore in Atonement is one of them. At the moment the film The kids are allright the subject of the auction.

Knightley donated a dress before. Back then it was Oxfam who was lucky enough. Her dress gave 5000 kids in Tanzania food for a month. Singer Björk also donated her notorious swann dress to this foundation. Heidi Klum gave Heart Truth the same honor.

I think this is a noble gesture of these leading ladies. Appearing twice in the same dress is not done, so this is a great way to make the most of these pretty dresses. And of course it doesn’t hurt the ladies images as wel..

the uniform project inspires students

Ever heard of The Uniform Project? The students of Glenwood Springs High School (US) have. For a month they wore one basic outfit. And you know? Turns out it wasn’t that hard at all! ‘I really thought it would be hard at first,’ said sophomore Rebecca Carcaterra, who has been wearing the same black sweater dress as the centerpiece of her daily wardrobe since the project began. ‘But I found it was a lot easier than I was thinking,’ she said. ‘I don’t have to spend all that extra time in the morning stressing about what to wear.’ It all started with an article written by sophomore Grace Gamba in the high school’s newspaper. Want to know more or keep yourself up-to-date? Check out their blog.

photo by Kelley Cox for the Post Independent

british wedding celebrated with fair gold?

The British Royal wedding ain’t traditional, that’s for sure. In stead of the carriage the couple’s ride is a limo and the fairytale wedding is celebrated in an intimate setting. But now it has been hinted that the wedding rings are being made of Fairtrade gold. The purveyor of wedding rings to the royal household is one of the 20 certified Fairtrade jewellers and they’re hoping for an order. “It would be wonderful if Prince William and Kate agreed to it.” Will Kate, becoming the new people’s Princess, set a trend?

unicef teams up with fashion label?

Is fashion really turning green? Looking trough Dutch Glamour my eye caught an advert from Giorgio Armani with the header Aqca for life. It says the company supports an Unicef tap project. Every bottle of perfume represents 100 litres of water. Too bad the Italian company’s facebook page is not working and the website doesn’t say a lot either. Another case of greenwashing?

The website of the World Water Week doesn’t give any answer as well, so maybe we’ll never know. Anyhow, I’m glad that such an influential brand’s paying attention to such large cause 😀

the consious collection at hennez and maurits

Just read some amazing news: H&M is putting out a second sustainable line. The Conscious Collection is all about romantic blouses, tunics, suits and lingerie. From April 14th this line is available at every store.

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