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video tgfc

I have an update.. I’ve found a video about the Green Fashion Competition. For those who don’t understand Dutch, here’s a quick recap.

It goes backstage with the winner, Elsien Gringhuis. She tells about how difficult it is to find sustainable fabrics. For instance: the lining unfortunately isn’t ‘green’. Furthermore one of the contestants tells how she uses silver in her designs. Silver? Yes you’ve read it correctly. The silver keeps the bacteria’s away so you don’t have to was it that often.

Just have a look at for the feeling of the designs. You’ll see a bit more of what they made and how elegant sustainable clothing can be!

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elsien gringhuis wins tgfc at aifw

I’ve been biting my nails ’till I heard the news: the winner and runner-up of The Green Fashion Competition are Elsien Gringhuis and OAT. Love the flowy jumpsuit, really a musthave (and perfectly styled!). You can see the designs at the Nukuhiva store starting tomorrow.

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Renowned fashion journalist and judge of the competition, Georgette Koning: “Elsien Gringhuis is modern and contemporary, she has great technical skills and paints a very feminine and beautiful picture. She has managed to create a signature style in a very short period of time”

Pics by the fab Peter Stigter

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€ 25,000 for your idea

win € 200,- of jewellery!

I know I’ve covered ‘green’ clothes for some while. I’ve really gotten the feeling of it. But where to go for my bling? Well, my prayers are answered: Divya. I know, it’s a bit more expensive than the Fair Trade Shop, but it’s more sophisticated and elegant. I only whish I didn’t just had my birthday… And now you have a shot at free jewellery. € 200,- to spend as you like! Enter the competition by answering the following question: which birth stone is Divya’s stone for July? Peek a look at the website for the answer. Then email it to Good luck!

win a couture dress and help india

And yet another fair fashion find when least expected! Vero Moda has a special evening gown designed to raise money for The Clean Water Project in Tranquebar, India. It’s €49,95 and only on sale on line. To bad it’s only available in size 36.. Want to have a shot at a free gown? Enter this competition from Dutch Glamour.

finalists green fashion competition

One day you hear nothing and the next you’re flooded with juicy news. And boy, have I news for you! With the first ceremony, the eight finalists for ‘The Green Fashion Competition’ are known: Bright Young Things, Elsien Gringhuis, Farrow & Tan, Gomes Esser Design, NÔN BY KIM, OAT, Viral and Winde Rienstra. They’ve been handed a cheque of € 1.250 to make their finale outfits they’re showing on AIFW (Amsterdam International Fashion Week) in January. And there’s a lot at stake: € 25.000 for the winner, € 15.000 for the runner up and most importantly: a feature in Sublime Magazine. Stay tuned!

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and the nominees are…

A few weeks ago I told you about the Recycled Denim Challenge. Well, the entry has closed and the finalsist are on line. Here’s my top three.

If you want to support these (and other) initiatives, go to the website and vote!

ooh, won’t you miss me like a hole in the jeans

Last weekend I visited my mum. I turned around to get something when she said: ‘Do you know you’ve got a hole in your jeans?’ I new my jeans were starting to become thing on the hem on my inner thigh, but them my mum said: ‘There’s a hole on you bum.’

Sounds familiar? So many times you have jeans that have a hole but on the hole are still good. Well, just found a solution. 🙂 I came across a very original contest. Gap’s organising a contest for originals who reincarnate their jeans. And the winning design will be featured on Ecouterre, Inhabitat, and the Gap 1969 Stream. And the $200 Gap gift certificate you can win doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Enter the recycled denim challenge

Oh, and you have ’till the 20th. Good luck!

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