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acqua for life gets started

Some time ago I told you about the cooperation of Giorgio Armani and the Green Cross to enable clean water for everybody. Unfortunately the website was not very interactive and informative. But I’ve got good news: it’s online.

get involved with aqcua for life

On the website you can join the Facebook group. This will make sure more clean water will be donated. You can also invite your friends to get involved in with this cause.


The goal of this action is to give 40 million litres of water to people who really need it. But it;s only a fraction of the 900 million people who don’t have access to clean water. The project starts in Ghana with supporting the smart water for green schools project. In this country 40% of the people don’t have access to drinking water. The project goes on after Ghana.

Sources: Aqcua for life challenge, Glamour

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mail and win kneipp gift set!

First and foremost a very happy, healthy and green new year! Hope you enjoyed the festivities and are ready to make the new year a bit better. I know I am. And with the Kneipp products you can win, you can certainly start the new year clean and relaxed! This new line with hemp and patchouli makes you relive the seventies. And you have a shot at a set of shower crème, bath oil, bath foam, body lotion and massage oil. All you have to do is send your personal info to Let’s start the year relaxed!

eco-stylish workshops

Want to look ecofabulous? Well, thanks to the girls of Style Me Green that’s not so hard. ’Cause they’ll help you be more ecoconsious when it comes to appearance. In two workshops you’re ready to step into the world a bit greener. Here’s some more info:

When: Mondays 22nd and 29th of November
What time: 19:00 – 21:00
Where: Vormingsplushuis (Grote zaal) in Brugge (Belgium)

You can enrol here.

lips like a mermaid

Once upon a time I thought being green wasn’t easy. My only resources where second hand stores and ‘De Wereldwinkel’, a store where you can buy Fairtrade gifts, foods and clothes. But I found out there’s so much more. Viva la internet!

Just came across a lip balm that’s to die for! It’s a 100 % naturally lip balm in a gorgeous sea shell (also natural). It comes in tree sizes: small (4 cm), medium (6 cm) and large (7 cm). And the last two also have a little mirror. How cute! A perfect gift (also for yourself 😉 ). Want more info? Check out the video or go to the website of Organic Island. The prizes vary so also check out this Dutch website. Like it?

My only concern is that it’s from Australia, which means that it’s from far (and therefore not very environment friendly). So my advice is to think twice before ordering. I myself will ask a friend of mine whose traveling Down Under. Follow my example and think before you buy!

smelling green is easy

Everyone will tell you it’s not easy being eco-friendly when you ask them why they don’t live green. But every day being gorgeously green is getting more easy and affordable. And now there’s another way to be fashionable and stay green at the same time: eco perfume.

A little while ago I read about pureDKNY. It’s a perfume in an eco-conscious package and with a special scent, because the vanilla used in it is grown by women from Uganda who get their fair share of money. And pureDKNY isn’t the only fair perfume to wear. You might also try the perfumes of Honorés des Prés, EOS and Rich Hippie. All of them are clean and green. Not sure if your scent is okay? Check the EcoCert logo (EcoCert is control and certification organisation which has social and ecological values).

win dr. hauschka makeup

Every girl loves to look good. But it’s not easy to find something that won’t harm the environment. Luckily Dr. Hauschka has makeup you don’t have to worry about. And guess what? You can win a ‘Warm Breeze Summer Impressions’ set with summery makeup. Just send your personal information to this email adress and maybe you’re the winner!

grey day? make it a glow day!

On a day like this, when the weather lets you down, you have time to do some maintenance of your body. Get yourself sun-ready and scrub yourself a healthy glow. Very simple and also not so pricy.

To start off you need to get rid of dead skin warrants. Take a cup of cane sugar and mix with halve a cup of honey, 3 ts lemon juice and a ts of freshly grated ginger. Then take off and Bob’s your uncle. Super easy and no strange ingredients you can’t pronounce. If you have some honey left, you can use it to moisturize your face. Just heat it (not to hot of course!) and apply to your face. Rinse after 15-30 minutes with warm water.  And for all you chocolate addicts: mix 4 ts of (organic) cocoa powder with the same amount of (bio) milk. Instant soft skin guaranteed!

Hope I’ve thought you you don’t have spend loads of money and you can easily use nature friendly products. After all, who can’t find some organic honey or sugar??

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