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acqua for life gets started

Some time ago I told you about the cooperation of Giorgio Armani and the Green Cross to enable clean water for everybody. Unfortunately the website was not very interactive and informative. But I’ve got good news: it’s online.

get involved with aqcua for life

On the website you can join the Facebook group. This will make sure more clean water will be donated. You can also invite your friends to get involved in with this cause.


The goal of this action is to give 40 million litres of water to people who really need it. But it;s only a fraction of the 900 million people who don’t have access to clean water. The project starts in Ghana with supporting the smart water for green schools project. In this country 40% of the people don’t have access to drinking water. The project goes on after Ghana.

Sources: Aqcua for life challenge, Glamour

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first german all vegan super market opens

Vegans living in Germany have a new place to shop: the first all vegan super market Vegan Wonderland, based in Dortmund. With soy milk instead of ‘regular’ cow milk, vegan pizza’s, salami and animal food this will serve the 600.000 vegans in Germany who don’t eat meat, eggs, dairy and honey.

web shop

But not only the inhabitants of Dortmund can shop all vegan. With the web shop owner Kim Kalkowski serves all Germany cereal, bakery, deserts and many more.

Sources: Levensmiddelenkrant, Vegan Wonderland

circle of clothes

It’s been over a week since I last posted something.. :$ But know I’m full of ideas. But first I have to make a confession. My closet has welcomes some new things. Wel, not really ‘new’. As I wrote earlier I was at the Little Green Dress party at the Hub Shop and conquered two nice dresses. One that’s perfect for the chilly spring and autumn days: a wrap dress à la Diane von Furstenberg. And I also got a nice summer dress that’s perfect for the beach.

And I also felt lucky with a dress I found at a shop in Landsmeer. It’s a cute little dress like one from Dutch soapie Lieke van Lexmond. I paired it up with a little belt I bought at a ‘kringloop’ store.

Finally I found a cute summer dress that I’d like to wear to a summer wedding. I found it at a ‘kringloop’ store. It had a stain at the hem so I shortened it a bit.

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Before you say I’m a shop-a-holic (which I sort of am): I’ve also cleaned out my closet. These item’s I will sell, give to the ‘kringloop’ store or use at another Little Green Dress party. Even my boyfriend picked some of his own clothes he doesn’t use anyway and he’s donated some DVD’s. A good way to keep up the cycle of things around the house, right?

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