Actrices donate their Oscar dresses to charity. The foundation “Clohes of our back”, run by movie stars Jane Kaczmarek en Bradley Whitford, enables auctions of dresses of celebs. The dress Keira Knighley wore in Atonement is one of them. At the moment the film The kids are allright the subject of the auction.

Knightley donated a dress before. Back then it was Oxfam who was lucky enough. Her dress gave 5000 kids in Tanzania food for a month. Singer Björk also donated her notorious swann dress to this foundation. Heidi Klum gave Heart Truth the same honor.

I think this is a noble gesture of these leading ladies. Appearing twice in the same dress is not done, so this is a great way to make the most of these pretty dresses. And of course it doesn’t hurt the ladies images as wel..