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30% discount on new fashion label

I’ve found some new, exiting fair fashion news. First is the launch of a new Amsterdam based fashion label, called ‘eigenZINNig Amsterdam’. It sells sustainable clothes, ranging from recycled tops, a fashionable Fairtrade dress to a sustainable t-shirt and a jeans without victims. Want to read and know more? Check out their website. Because of it’s launch, they give you a 30% discount all January. All you need do is subscribe for their newsletter. And a few wonderful items are on sale.

fair fashion find: ‘chanel’ clutch

Just l-o-v-e this little clutch. ’t Has such an Chanel air! And it’s something different from all those glitz. Perfect for a summer day! It’s vintage and it’s only € 16,95. And for the holidays you’ll get 15% off! Use the code ‘Kerst2010’ when ordering.

christmas discount

Want to do some last minute Christmas shopping? Be sure to visit the Wereldwinkel. They’ve got a 25% discount on all the Christmas stuff, from angels to Christmas cards and nativity scenes. Everything except candles and candle holders. Have a look at the website or visit your local store.

win a couture dress and help india

And yet another fair fashion find when least expected! Vero Moda has a special evening gown designed to raise money for The Clean Water Project in Tranquebar, India. It’s €49,95 and only on sale on line. To bad it’s only available in size 36.. Want to have a shot at a free gown? Enter this competition from Dutch Glamour.

i’m dreaming of a green christmas

I just told you guys how to welcome the new year in a very good way, but let’s not forget that it’s almost Christmas! Over here it’s pretty white, so lets hope we’ll have a white Christmas!

Well, everyone knows that the pate isn’t always that animal friendly, but there are other ways to have a clean Christmas dinner. It’s not difficult to make a beautiful meal with low environment impact. Just watch these tips and have a look at an examplary menu:

1. Choose less animal products
Producing meat and other animal products costs a lot more energy than vegetables. Chicken’s meat has the least amount. And eating less meat isn’t too bad for your health.

2. Stop wasting food
Don’t buy things that expire to easy. Don’t cook more than you need. Have a closer look at what you’ve got in store. With al these things you won’t waste food, which will have effect on the environment and isn’t very considerate with people who aren’t so fortunate.

3. Buy less products brought to you by plane
When you buy local food, it will cost a fraction of the energy compared to food grown in Morocco or so.

4. Buy less fruits and vegetables grown in hot houses.
Vegetables grown in hot houses, such as tomatoes and courgette cost a lot of energy. It’s better to buy seasonable fruits and vegetables. Want to now what’s in season? Check out the (Dutch) season’s fruit and vegetables calender.

Famous Dutch chef Pierre Wind made a ‘green’ Christmas menu you can use as an example:

Starter (film)
Bread sticks with oil and grapefruit juice
Flower pot with potato celeriac salad, a layer of tomato cubes and basil, and rosemary
Stuffed pineapple
Chicory salad with toast

Main course (film)
Vegetable bouillon with sticks of vegetable
Red union compote
Pumpkin slices marinated with truffle oil and scraped cauliflower

Desert (film)
Liquorice fondue with apple and banana srewers

win organic champagne

Want to start the new year good! Well, now you can pop it green! More and more organic champagnes and wines are coming, how ecofab! And now you have a shot at winning an organic white or (very chic) rosé champie by just going to this website. No free bubblies for you? You’ll get a 15% discount by going to the website of Biologische Wijnwinkel (Organic wine store). They have sparkly wines from € 7,59 for a prosecco. How amazing!

my fav celebs go green

I know everybody has a fascination for celebs. I’ve admired some women for ages because of their style. And now I have some new rolemodels who definately are gorgeously green! I’ll start with Alyssa Milano. This long time veggie got the most lovely present from her hubbie for their 1 year anniversary: an organic roof top vergetable garden. From now on she’ll be eating prganic salads. “It’s our responsibility to make the changes that we need to make,” says Milano, “regardless of convenience.”  Want to keep up with celeb eco news? Check out this website.

And now one of the ‘new kids’ is devoted to fairtrade: Emma Watson. This former witch endorses a clothes collection at People Tree that’s Fair Trade. Want to know more? Take a look at how it al started or shop the collection. Want to see her in action in Bangladesh? Take a look at this video:

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