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eco-stylish workshops

Want to look ecofabulous? Well, thanks to the girls of Style Me Green that’s not so hard. ’Cause they’ll help you be more ecoconsious when it comes to appearance. In two workshops you’re ready to step into the world a bit greener. Here’s some more info:

When: Mondays 22nd and 29th of November
What time: 19:00 – 21:00
Where: Vormingsplushuis (Grote zaal) in Brugge (Belgium)

You can enrol here.


more wishes

Window shopping should be on top of my list of favourites things to do. I love making whish lists (of which you already have seen a preview). But every day is a new day with the most wonderful things for a (window) shopaholic. So I’ve rounded up some of my latest wishes ;(

Shoes must be on top of my list. I’ve got some shoes unwalkable and my boyfriend sighs every time he walks by my small collection. But you can’t have enough of a hbh (high black heel), can you? These are by Brain Atwood and they’re going for $280.00. Look here if you’re the Cinderella for this jaw dropping slipper in size 9 (39-40). 

One of the things I’m desperately after is a jumpsuit. Some time ago I’ve told you about my mum’s red jumpsuit I so desperately wanted, but last time I saw her se told me she’d trown it away! ;( So I’m looking for a replacement. Hopefully I’ll find something less expensive, ’cause at $150.00 this size 6 (M) jumpsuit by AKA New York is a little bit out of my leage…

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not only for women

Today I read a headline saying that Hugo Boss is going green. I was astounded. But when I read on, it became clear that it was just a publicity stunt and that it was about a collection with a golfing theme and that it was only named after the green (the grass on which they play golf). I was so disappointed, and even more so because male fair fashion ain’t that easy to find (at least I haven’t found anything for my boyfriend).

So maybe it’s time to take action and demand the greening up of men’s wear. ’Cause why should green shopping stop at the women’s department?

make your own trashion

Last week was the workshop ‘Van Voddenbaal tot Haute Couture’ (From Trash to Fashion) about which I’ve already written. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go there (alas, work…) but I’m happy to announce there’s a second workshop with the same theme, held on wednessday the 2nd of May. It’s a little bit in the future, but such things need to be planned way ahead 🙂

Where: Maritiem Museum Rotterdam
When: May 2nd – 13:00 ’til 16:00
Costs: € 5,00 (excl. entry fee)

Don’t forget to sign in!

and the nominees are…

A few weeks ago I told you about the Recycled Denim Challenge. Well, the entry has closed and the finalsist are on line. Here’s my top three.

If you want to support these (and other) initiatives, go to the website and vote!

one week without impact

This week the Fair Trade Week has begun. Now it’s the time to change your ‘normal’ chocolate, tea and bananas for something more conscious.

But that’s not all that’s going on concerning sustainability. November 11th it’s the Day for Sustainability and there’s a fun and simple way to get closer to going green. 7th ’til 14th November it’s the Dutch No Impact Week. Every day there’s a challenge helping you greening your lifestyle. You can enrol here. Not a cheese loving, wooden clogs waring Dutchie? Then check out this link to find more info.

put your sixties mood on!

Kermit the frog once sang ‘It’s not easy being green’ and he’s totally right. Luckily it’s becoming more and more easy. And know you don’t have slip in to inelegant underwear. ’Cause Peau Ehtique ables you to wear glamourous knickers, bra’s, undershirts (sorry, I don’t know how to call them) and slip dresses made form organic cotton. So get into your sixties mood and put on these lovable panties! For more info, check out their website.

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