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Don’t you just love how every moment can give you a surprise? Was just surfing the web and came across the website of the Dutch Grazia. Recently they opened their own store selling some of the clothes which appear in the fashion shoots. And you know what I found there? An amazing trench with a lovely colour: grey with a shimmer of green. Ain’t that spectacular? And even better: you get a 20% discount if you buy it at the Graziashop! You’ll need the discount code graziashop01. I still can’t get a hold on how great it is that a fashion mag displays such a great concept!

green shopping in amsterdam and rotterdam

About a few weeks ago I told you guys about a guide to shop green in London. And now I’ve found similar books about Amsterdam and Rotterdam. You can order them online or buy them in bookstores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I know I’ll be making a trip down to the Coolsingel. Do you have a tip so we fashionistas know where to shop green? Let us know!

international green fashion week!

With a glamorous party the Eco Fashion Week started yesterday in Vancouver. Like all fashion weeks clothes are in the centre of attention, but all the designers are green. Want to know more? Be sure to check out their website. It also features an article on how green the Dutch are (you imagine I loved reading it). And if you’re in the neighbourhood, be sure to check it out! And let us know how you’ve experienced it.

shop green in your favourite store

I’ve talked about sustainable clothes a lot. But sometimes you don’t want to leave the high street to get your doses of fashion. Fortunately regular stores also have a sustainable line. To be sure your favourite shop is also into green fashion, here’s a list with the labels to look out for.

The all Dutch shop HEMA has its own line called Naturally HEMA. It features clothing made of organic cotton, bamboo or clothes made with an organic process, coffee and tea with Rainforest Alliance Certificate and Fair Trade mark. And it also has gifts made by special projects; the products of Return to Sender are made by people who don’t have much chances in live and the money it makes goes directly back to the makers.

C&A has clothes made with bio cotton. I know I have a cute grey tee with a little print. And just yesterday I saw an ad on the TV telling us that they have both shirts and jeans. How nice! C&A aims to increase what they have to offer of bio clothes.

H&M recently came out with their Garden Collection. I wasn’t so fortunate to score the dress I loved at first sight. That collection was totally made out of organic wool/linen, recycled wool/cotton/polyester/polyamide and tencel. Also they always provide you with some nice bio cotton products. Hopefully the Garden Collection will have a return!

Hope I’ve made green shopping a little bit easier. I’m sure I’ve missed a couple of things, so be sure to let me know where you do your green shopping!

green shopping on sale!

Just checked out Twitter and found out it’s sale time! So sit back and shop your new wardrobe 🙂

First things first: outfits. I found the most amazing dress for only € 25,-. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to stuff our closet again but I’m sure a can make some space for this killer. It’s from bio cotton and jersey. Don’t you love it? You can buy it on the website from Wat Mooi

But an outfit ain’t complete without some lovely shoes. And luckily this website offers vegan shoes and it has sale! And all the red shoes are 10% off! And to get inspired, check out Stella McCartney’s shoe line:

To make your outfit complete you need some jewels. At Fairtrade Original I found an amazing bracelet from India. It looks very oriental and very luxurious. And though it’s not on sale, it’s only € 4,95!

my vintage finds

I wanted to show you that second hand clothes can be just as beautiful as vintage (you know, the ‘old’ stuff you pay 10 times more for). So I created a slide show showing you my fashion finds for less. Check out and let me know if you like it!

please don’t stop the music

No doubt you’ve been aware of my passion for second hand stores and charity shops. I think it’s the best place to buy vintage without paying the vintage price. But that’s not all. I also have a small record collection (yes, actual vinyl) varying from Saturday Night Fever to Simon and Garfunkel and from Abba to Doe Maar, a Dutch band, I’ve found solely in ‘Kringloopwinkels’ (recycling stores). But just a few days ago I came across a CD full of James Bond songs and it just happens to be so that I love the old grandeur of Shirley Basseys voice.
And to prove that those shops are not filled with ‘old stuff’ I found a CD of Mary Poppins (just out in Dutch theatres) and MC Hammer pants (unfortunately trendy in Holland). And yes, it might be difficult finding a treasure amongst someone else’s ‘trash’, but if you have a goal (such as a jacket) it’s not very hard to find something that suits you. My goal is to find something camel (a trend I saw at Chloé and loved instantly). So just keep on looking and let me know what you’ve found!

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