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luxembourg? definitely green!

Hey you guys, long time no see! Enjoyed my well earned vacation but it didn’t mean that I didn’t do anything. No, I was looking out for you guys. And here’s my first account of my view of Luxembourg.

Take one look at the county and you can see the green mountains and small creeks until there’s only the blue sky. But how green is the average Luxy on the inside? A quick glance in an average super market shows me that there are loads of bio products. Milk, butter etc. but my greatest surprise was when I was looking for souvenirs. As I didn’t know anything for my brother and father I turned to the good old beers, as every place has it’s own. And there I met Okult no. 1 blanche, an organic wheat beer from Luxembourg (with bio mark). My boyfriend had tasted it and liked it and I also enjoyed my sip. Its an excellent summer drink for green souls. So have a sip and let me know what you think!

fairtrade wedding dress

Just a quick post about the Fairtrade wedding I told you about a few months ago. Just came across a beautiful photo I just had to show you guys. It’s even more beautiful from this angle. Would you (want your fiancé to) wear this? Let me know!

lips like a mermaid

Once upon a time I thought being green wasn’t easy. My only resources where second hand stores and ‘De Wereldwinkel’, a store where you can buy Fairtrade gifts, foods and clothes. But I found out there’s so much more. Viva la internet!

Just came across a lip balm that’s to die for! It’s a 100 % naturally lip balm in a gorgeous sea shell (also natural). It comes in tree sizes: small (4 cm), medium (6 cm) and large (7 cm). And the last two also have a little mirror. How cute! A perfect gift (also for yourself 😉 ). Want more info? Check out the video or go to the website of Organic Island. The prizes vary so also check out this Dutch website. Like it?

My only concern is that it’s from Australia, which means that it’s from far (and therefore not very environment friendly). So my advice is to think twice before ordering. I myself will ask a friend of mine whose traveling Down Under. Follow my example and think before you buy!

the green fashion competition

A month ago I told you guys about The Green Fashion Competition. For everybody who’s been interested but who’s afraid they won’t make September 13th I have good news: the deadline has been delayed to the 30th of September. Want to know more? Check out my post named ‘€ 25,000 for your idea’ and enroll!

want to be green? plant a virtual tree!

Just found an amazing and fun way to be green. Via the website of Treemagotchi you can virtually plant a tree and by entering campaigns you can earn nuts. With these nuts you can buy . It’s a fun way to learn about green living and to be involved, and it’s really like a game. I’ll keep you up to date how I’m doing. You can also watch it directly.

smelling green is easy

Everyone will tell you it’s not easy being eco-friendly when you ask them why they don’t live green. But every day being gorgeously green is getting more easy and affordable. And now there’s another way to be fashionable and stay green at the same time: eco perfume.

A little while ago I read about pureDKNY. It’s a perfume in an eco-conscious package and with a special scent, because the vanilla used in it is grown by women from Uganda who get their fair share of money. And pureDKNY isn’t the only fair perfume to wear. You might also try the perfumes of Honorés des Prés, EOS and Rich Hippie. All of them are clean and green. Not sure if your scent is okay? Check the EcoCert logo (EcoCert is control and certification organisation which has social and ecological values).

one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure

Just returned from my weekly pleasure in the second hand store. And boy oh boy, was I lucky! I found a light blue tanktop for € 1,10, a strapless summer dress for €3,- and my masterpiece, a beige jumpsuit by Tibi for only € 4,50! It’s a little bit extravagant. But with my nude pumps and maybe a nice bracelet it will make a nice safari look. Just something for a party when I’m tired of a dress. Do you like it? What do you think about it? Let me know!

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