Everybody likes to do their own thing. I know I do. And now you can win a prize with it! At the Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW) a competition was launched where creatives have a shot at € 25,000. It’s called The Green Fashion Competition and it’s for entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, for individuals (and teams) with a vision of what the future of fashion should look like. The aim of the competition is to find the talented entrepreneurs in the industry who aim to create a fashion business while sustaining biodiversity.

You (alone or as a team) have to write a business plan and design two outfits. So are you creative? Can you handle a needle and is your head flowing with ideas? Enrol by filling in the application form and mail it with your portfolio (max. 5 pages, in pdf) to greenfashion@amsterdamfashionweek.com before the 13th of September 2010. Mention ‘APPLICATION’ in the topic bar.

Application form green fashion competition

Inschrijfformulier green fashion competition