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first green wedding: a video

Remember me telling about the green wedding? Well, if you’re your interested I have a clip about the wedding. When I watch this, I don’t get the feeling that it is dull or even ‘this must be a green wedding’. It’s just beautiful. Curious? Watch the video:


not so bad after all

I just took a test to determine how big my ecological footmark is. It turned out it is 2.7 hectares (2700 ares or 6645 acres). Okay, I know it makes no sense (or at least it doesn’t to me) but they gave an explanation. The average score is 4,4 hectares and worldwide 2,1 hectares is available per person, so I’m not doing bad. I also got some suggestions how to improve myself:

  • Buy fresh seasonable products that don’t have to travel around the world to get to you
  • Save electricity
  • Be more sensitive about your transportation
  • Save gas (in your household)
  • Cut on using paper (including advertisement leaflets)

Do you want to know how to improve your lifestyle? Check out Again, only for those who read Dutch. Sorry!! (Do you have suggestions for webpages in English that might be interesting? Let me know!)

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