Remember me telling you about a shop I saw in Rotterdam city? There they sold biological flowers. Now I haven’t had a chance to check it out but I came across an interesting documentary about bio flowers. Unfortunately it’s Dutch, but a lot of it is in English (with Dutch subtitles). For the rest I will give you a summary:

Flowers love people. Or that’s what the flower industry wants us to believe. But if flowers really love people is a question. Sustainability and ‘green flowers’ are the new big thing in the flower industry. But the biggest part of the roses being auctioned in the Netherlands are being produced in developing countries where the wages are low and the environment isn’t that much protected by rules. ‘Een bloeiende handel’ (a blooming industry) shows the world of Jan, Kennedy and Oscar who all in their own way are dependent on the big flower nurseries in Naivasha, Kenya. A poetic, filmic and heartbreaking documentary that pierced into the lives of our main characters. Because: is the scent of an imported rose really that sweet?

Here’s the video. If you can´t see it in de window, go to

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