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light summer outfit

I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin’ hot. The sun is shining big time so I picked out an summery outfit that’s slightly similar to what Lauren Conrad would wear. It’s just a simple black tank top with a white skirt with a black floral pattern combined with a belt you might have seen before. The clothes are from two different second hand clothes stores. Another example of how you have to look at individual pieces instead of seeking an entire outfit at once (the skirt I’ve had for years, the top I recently bought and the belt I ‘inherited’ from my mom. Like it?


and my inspiration, LC.

a new way to hang up my coat

The little string I use to hang my coat on a coat rack broke. Very unhandy. Fortunately I put away some strings I’ve cut out of clothes, so I braided two beige and a black string into a new hang-up-string (I don’t now the right word for it :$). Very simple, but useful (because I used strings I otherwise would have thrown away) and eco-friendly (because I re-used the strings). Have you ever re-used materials from old clothes etc? Let me now and leave a reply!


and after.

how to re-design a wool dress

Picture your closet. 99% chance that you have one or more piece(s) of clothing you still fit but you don’t like. And maybe you think, like me, it’s a waste to throw it away. Fortunately I have some video’s that will inspire you to customize your clothes. It’s a series of video’s from Thread, an online fashion magazine and information resource promoting eco-fabulous style, and which was part of a BBC Learning campaign running from May to November 2008. I love their website and I’m sorry that it’s no more in use. Anyway, here’s the first video. Hope it can inspire you (as it has me)!

used clothes can be sexy

Sometimes a girls needs to make a fashion statement. And what’s more fun than doing that while being unique? I combined a second hand blouse and trousers with a vintage belt and shoes I already had (you may remember them from my little red dress) and turned it into a classy yet sexy outfit. Hope I can inspire you a little to make unusual combinations and to look further than the usual pieces of clothing. What do you think? Would you wear something similar? Leave a reply.

roses ain’t that sweet

Remember me telling you about a shop I saw in Rotterdam city? There they sold biological flowers. Now I haven’t had a chance to check it out but I came across an interesting documentary about bio flowers. Unfortunately it’s Dutch, but a lot of it is in English (with Dutch subtitles). For the rest I will give you a summary:

Flowers love people. Or that’s what the flower industry wants us to believe. But if flowers really love people is a question. Sustainability and ‘green flowers’ are the new big thing in the flower industry. But the biggest part of the roses being auctioned in the Netherlands are being produced in developing countries where the wages are low and the environment isn’t that much protected by rules. ‘Een bloeiende handel’ (a blooming industry) shows the world of Jan, Kennedy and Oscar who all in their own way are dependent on the big flower nurseries in Naivasha, Kenya. A poetic, filmic and heartbreaking documentary that pierced into the lives of our main characters. Because: is the scent of an imported rose really that sweet?

Here’s the video. If you can´t see it in de window, go to

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models show it all

Every day I get inspired by what I read. And today was no exception. I read an interview with one of Hollands ‘oldies’ in fashion, model Rianne ten Haken. She is one of the models who thinks the environment is being neglected. That’s why she’s joined a campaign to raise awareness about pollution and goes the full monty. Curious? Check out this video:

l’offieciel nl goes green!

Again I found myself surprised with a magazine. To enjoy the splendid weather I bought the latest l’officiel nl. Looking on the cover I read ‘Eco warriors’. It caught my eye. 10 pages about the newest people who care about the future. And also 6 pages on eco tourism, including some of the hottest spots. It was inspiring.

I also remember an issue of the Dutch Glamour featuring some green articles. Hope more magazines will follow this trend and that a Dutch green mag will soon appear!

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