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old tea cups? re-use them!

Today I was at my grandmother’s and there I did what I like best: looking trough magazines I normally don’t read. I always enjoy reading Libelle, a weekly magazine for women aged 45 years +. They I saw a most inspiring photo: an étagère made of old cups and sourcers. The most lovely thing! Once at home, I tried it out myself. Isn’t it cute??

My creation


blue button

Finally I’ve got it! I’ve been waiting a while but it was worth it. I’m proud to show everyone my blue button. “A blue button?” you might say. Not just your average button, but a button by MADE-BY, a label that tells you that a brand or piece of clothing is sustainable. MADE-BY’s mission is to make sustainable clothes common. ‘Wouldn’t it by fantastic if you could buy clothes of your favourite brand that is made with respect towards the human race and the environment?’ My only concern is where to sew it on.. 🙂

This is the thing to watch for

little red dress

This weekend the weather was amazing!! So I used this opportunity to show one of my recent green buys: a little summer dress in red. I wanted to show you that used clothes aren’t dull and old fashioned. What do you guys think about my latest buy?

LRD matched up with heels from H&M (yes, I have to work on my shoes :))

how to wed green: the first time ever!

As promised a little more info about the Fairtrade wedding held on may 8th at the international Fairtrade day. A wedding starts with an invitation. And for this wedding the couple had their cards designed by Margriet Vos and printed by Drukkerij Thieme Mediaservices B.V. I’m sorry, but I don’t have pictures 😦

Next thing on the to-do-list is a ring. Wanda and Caleche went to Slaets in Antwerp, where they chose rings that fitted in each other.

I’m sorry the picture isn’t great.

But a ring isn’t all they were wearing. For a bride the dress is most important. For this wedding Wanda visited Jessica Joyce. She used Fairtrade cotton from Andriana Landegents studio. Caleche went to Caractère to get his suit. A difference from those conventional black suites, isn’t it? Not my cup of Fairtrade tea, but everyone has his own style.

What an amazing dress! Proves that biological fabrics aren’t all dull.

About the flowers I haven’t heard anything, but as I told earlier, I know there are biological flowers. And on the website of Fairtrade you can also find info about Fairtrade flowers.

Having taken care of the outside, the inside is the next step. Because getting married makes you hungry 😛 For dinner they chose Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen in Amsterdam. They you as much Fairtrade products as possible and also cook biological and with MSC-certified fish. And as the icing on the bio cake, the wedding cake looked gorgeous. Again, how surprising, all Fairtrade ingredients.

Isn’t it mouth watering??

After tiring themselves they went on a honeymoon organised by Sawadee. Sawadee organises sustainable tourism that respects nature, environment and the local habits. They also make sure their suppliers don’t hire children younger that 15.

Hope you’ve found some inspiration to incorporation Fairtrade into your daily (and maybe sometimes not so everyday) life! Do you consider marrying Fairtrade? Let me know!

To move the couple around a hybrid car was used.

Credit pics: Robert Govers and Ad van der Beemt

lidl going green

Green is hot. I see it more and more in the papers, magazines etc. But still green/bio is expensive. I’m just a student so I can’t afford shopping just at the bio shops en. That’s why I was very surprised when I was shopping at Lidl. There I saw Fairglobe, a Fairtrade line of food containing banana’s, coffee pads, sugar, chocolate… The usuals. But still I didn´t expect it at a store I considered cheap.
Checking out the website I also read they only use pork from pigs who aren´t castrated, they stopped selling eel because of the shrinking population and also offer MSC certified fish (so you know your fish is sustainable),and that they introduced their own bio line.
So even if you don’t want to pay a fortune, you still can be eco-conscious.

first green wedding ever

This morning I was watching Koffietijd, a Dutch morning programme. In the show a couple told about their upcoming green wedding. They won it with a contest organised by Max Havelaar, the label for fairtrade edibles/drinkables. Everyting will be sustainable: biological cotton dress, sustainable dining in Jamie Olivers ‘Fifteen’, eco-friendly pink champagne… Even the honeymoon is green. Want to know everyting, from the beginning up to the wedding tomorrow? Visit I’m sorry, but it’s only for you guys who can read Dutch. However, I will post some pictures and give you the action scheme to marry fairtade yourself!

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